Mon Hills Records announces the signing of its newest artist, Luke Sadecky. The WVU student-run record label will produce a six-song EP with Sadecky, available  at all online music retailers and select locations regionally this spring.

Sadecky is a folk singer/songwriter based in Huntington and was approached by Mon Hills Records to record an EP of songs that best fit his artistic sound. Directed by Darko Velichkovski, Mon Hills Records is an independent record label and the professional component of the Music Industry Program at the College of Creative Arts.  

Inspired by his Appalachian roots, Sadecky is influenced by artists such as The Avett Brothers, City and Colour, and John Prine. Through his experience with Mon Hills Records, Sadecky hopes to create an EP that provides listeners with an honest and memorable experience through exciting melodies and relatable lyricism.

“I hope to give listeners music that they can fall in love with. So often, I will be driving down the road and a song will come on that can take me a thousand miles from where I am. It is such a unique and powerful emotion of being able to see into the songwriters heart, and I want to provide that experience to others,” Sadecky said.

This is Sadecky’s first recording for public release. The newly-signed artist will collaborate his acoustic, contemporary folk sound with musicians provided by Mon Hills to produce six songs inspired by Sadecky’s passion for creativity and meaningful lyricism.

Sadecky’s EP will be released at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and all of your streaming and download services. Upon release, the CD will be available to order online at and at regional outlets this upcoming Spring.

To hear more from this artist attend his next performance at Coal River Coffee Company Jan. 25 in St. Albans.

Luke Sadecky to Kick off Acoustic Music Series in Ravenswood

Songwriter Luke Sadecky will perform from 7-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 16, to launch an acoustic music series at the McIntosh House on Henrietta Street.

A contemplative singer-songwriter from Ravenswood, Sadecky will perform original songs inspired by nature and solitude, as well as the movement of time and location.

Sadecky was first inspired to write music while living in Missouri.

“Most of the songs created this past year were written in Missouri, where I lived on a 4,000-plus acre conservation area, most of the time spent alone,” he said. “It really gave me the opportunity to listen to my thoughts and to pay attention to what I was actually feeling.”

Sadecky later returned to West Virginia and now lives in Huntington, where he works full-time. However, he spends a lot of his free time performing at area venues.

Ravenswood parks and recreation superintendent Katrena Ramsey said the Board of Parks and Recreation has allotted funds for the monthly acoustic music series.

“We are trying new things at the community building to provide entertainment and cultural experiences for our residents,” she said.

Later events will be accompanied by art shows by local artists, she said.

“We’re thinking we could potentially have more than one artist. Our vision also is to include some art exhibits in one or more of the rooms the same evenings as the music events,” Ramsey said.

The McIntosh House, which also is known as the Ravenswood Community Building, is a great venue for intimate acoustic sets. It has multiple rooms and the NYA Hall is right next door if more space is needed.

“The house has numerous rooms, some large, some small. Depending on the artist, we’ll choose which room suits their music style the best,” Ramsey said. “In case it would grow into something and require more space, we have the NYA hall as well.”

Ramsey said the event will provide a listening-room experience for music.

“We want to provide a more intimate experience for musicians and their audience instead of the traditional bar setting. This will welcome residents of all ages,” she said.

Tea and light refreshments will be available, and residents can bring their own beverages, including alcoholic drinks.

Future artists will include Joel Ramsey, New Jasper Station, Brady Young, and the River Rats.

Plenty to reap at Harvest in the Wood

"I have to say, as a fan of acoustic music and singer-songwriters, I was most impressed with Ravenswood native Luke Sadecky. 

After his set, the 23-year-old songwriter told me he was fairly new to the game; he said he started writing his own songs just over a year ago and has been performing them publicly for just a few months. I was a little surprised to hear this because Sadecky's compositions were polished and lyrically sophisticated while still remaining true to the folk music of his West Virginia roots. 

The bands were great, but I personally felt Sadecky's acoustic set was the highlight of the evening's entertainment."

Roger Dale Adkins, 

Jackson Newspaper

THE TOP TEN: Undiscovered Artists Series at Madlife

"On April 11, 2018 MadLife Stage and Studios hosted the Undiscovered Artists- Quarter Finals and the audience was treated performances by the top ten finalists. Each of the finalists had made it through previous rounds of competitions and were invited back to compete for cash prizes and the grand prize of a days’ worth of recording time in the MadLife state of the art recording studio with Grammy nominated sound engineer, Steven Morrison. "

Carey Hood,

Libro Musica